Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I found this flower this morning as I was running, dodging the storm and catching the small showers. It has been raining quite heavily here, and the rain and wind have knocked some of the blossoms off of the flowering trees. The tree this is from is a massive deciduous, with large and broad leaves. But I don't know its name.
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Anonymous said...

How beautiful!!And I love the shoes too!!We are being swamped with rain here too. Hardly slept last night with all the lightening and thunder. Love you lots and lots-mom Smillie

Jane said...

That is so pretty and unusual! It will be fun to figure out what is the name of the tree. So, are you singing in the rain while you run in it?
Good for you, Sweetie!
Keep looking up.
love, Mom

Abby said...

Hey Lizzie,
Wow, the flower is beautiful. I see you must have been running at a good clip. LOL
Luv ya,

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