Tuesday, May 22, 2007

re-cap of a wonderful weekend

Thursday -

-John is here!-

Friday -
-heading out for the morning-

-enjoying a moment of peace and quiet-

-Friday night was spent on a "date" at a farmer's market and an Italian restaurant-

-John presented me with an early birthday present that evening: a necklace. It is sooooo gorgeous! The best part is that it was hand-delivered. :-) -

Saturday -
-The family (sans Anna) went up to Yosemite, stopping for a moment at the Sugar Pine Railway-

-Breakfast (and a paper) at the Wawona Hotel-

-Yosemite Falls and the Merced River-

-Pooh sticks!-

-Picnic at the soda springs in Tuolomne Meadow-

-Fern Spring-

Sunday - visiting the grandparents

Mom made up a web album:
Sanger and Clovis -
May 17, 2007
by Jane and Tim


Unknown said...

That's all?!
What great pictures! Hmmm, I was wondering about the guy snoozing in the chair, so were you mowing the lawn? jk
I must say he did do a good job picking out that necklace. It is so you. ;)

etrnlcoca said...

This is Evan, John's younger brother. I got word from the States that John went out to visit you this week. They also passed your blog to me. So here I am thousands of miles away, seeing the pics. Yea, thats John sleeping. Was that the day of his arrival? Some nice pictures of you and him. How did you like my grandparents?
Well, kind of need to go do homework for tomarrow Vocab and Verb quiz.
If you want, talk to John to get my e-mail lol. He might not like you talking with a better looking guy than him. Just yankin' your chain.

Talk with you later or something awakward like that....

Unknown said...

This is SARAH John's little (and only) sister. I am also a million miles away and watching you both look adorable. I am not cuter than John so no worries. LOL :) Hope you had a great time with him. I was shocked to see my GRANDPARENTS on your blog. That was my surprise for the day. Well... off to take my Spanish Mid-Terms.

Anonymous said...

For your information Abby, that hard working, good looking guy in the chair was watching the kids (younger Jacobsen children that is). They were nicely “interacting” with eachother while the Beautiful One was getting ready to go to dinner. :-)

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